Data Privacy Statement

If you have additional questions or require more information about Data Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact

Alexandra Weidmann
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One of my main priorities is the privacy of my visitors. This Data Privacy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by me and how it is used.
My website can be used without transmitting any personal data. You can contact me only via e-mail, telephone or regular mail. The required addresses are available on my website.


My websites do not use Cookies.

Server Log Files

Each access to a website and each download of a file requires the storage of data on the computer of the Internet Service Provider in so called server log files. All hosting companies do this. The information collected by log files includes This information is used to deliver the content of the website correctly and to guarantee the security of the information and communication technology of the provider. Additionally, the provider has to provide this information in case of cyber-attacks to law enforcement agencies.
Those data are stored on the server of the provider and are used anonymized only for the statistical evaluation of the website’s usage. It is not possible to derive information about individual persons and their user behavior from this data. The data are not even partially transmitted to third parties. There is no long-term storage and a fusion with data from other sources is not performed. There is, however, a legal obligation to allow law enforcement agencies to check those data if there are concrete indications of an infringement of rights.

Data Processing

As personal data are not collected, they can not be processed.

Information on, Erasure of, and Blocking of Data

As personal data are not collected,no information about them can be provided. Equally, an erasure or blocking of data cannot be performed.

Access to Websites of Third Parties

My websites contain numerous links to websites of third parties especially to provide information about institutions that exhibit my art work. My data privacy statement is, of course, not applicable to websites reachable from those links.So, if you transmit personal data to a third party that you have reached via a link of my website their data privacy statement is applicable of course.
I cannot guarantee the privacy and security of your personal data if you transmit them to a third party and I recommend to evaluate their privacy and security statements beforehand.

Unwanted Advertisement

Using my contact data published in accordance with the legal requirements of German law on my contac website for the transmission of not explicitly requested advertisement and information material is not permitted. I reserve the right to take legal action in the case of infringements.